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Il sonnambulo (maestro masón)

Raiders of the Lost Arch
Founded in the year 2005 on marzo 31

Public Statement
It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage.

At war with:
Strange Bedfellows
Allied with:
Walk The Plank
White Elephant Sail
Islands controlled by this flag:
Diastrophe Island

Redjenny of 'Gnus of Great Justice'
Algol of 'Burning Sea'
Altiam of 'Sweet Pillage and Mayhem'
Caruso of 'Sweet Pillage and Mayhem'
Cheenie of 'Sweet Pillage and Mayhem'
Ebonyjim of 'Popularity Contest'
Minsiem of 'Gnus of Great Justice'
Sweeswabby of 'Gnus of Great Justice'
Vexia of 'Popularity Contest'

Titled Members
Aggi of 'Gnus of Great Justice'
Angels of 'Sweet Pillage and Mayhem'
Clarissant of 'Popularity Contest'
Colorbeard of 'Sweet Pillage and Mayhem'
Dianarama of 'Sweet Pillage and Mayhem'
Fudgecoolie of 'Gnus of Great Justice'
Kalinna of 'Sweet Pillage and Mayhem'
Minotaure of 'Popularity Contest'
Nakira of 'Dragon's Wrath'
Quickstar of 'Gnus of Great Justice'
Rayolight of 'The Duckies'
Ritterton of 'Popularity Contest'
Sajo of 'Sweet Pillage and Mayhem'
Scarletrose of 'Burning Sea'
Seronto of 'Sweet Pillage and Mayhem'
Trevorius of 'Sweet Pillage and Mayhem'

Jobbing Cabin Pirate Officer F.O. S.O. Captain Total
Gnus of Great Justice 5 3 14 6 5 1 34
Popularity Contest 3 5 7 6 4 1 26
Sweet Pillage and Mayhem 1 1 3 5 5 1 16
Burning Sea 1 4 1 6
Magna Charters 1 1 2
Tee Martoonis 0
Dragon's Wrath 0
The Duckies 0
Extended Public Statement
Ahoy mates! Looking to join the flag? Looking for a friendly alliance? Look no further! But we do ask that we at least get to know ye before bringing ye into the flag or forging an alliance... Please sign up to our forums at and tell us a little about yourself! Don't get lost in the Flag News spam, stand out from the crowd!

Legend has it several years ago, Cortez the Conquistador ransacked a distant land, home of the Aztec people, who lived in Seven Cities of Gold. Indeed a captain of his, a man named Gomez, came across a golden temple, hidden high in the mists of distant mountains. Upon the altar of this heathen temple was a fabulous Golden Monkey, and a Golden Chicken. One man, Ramierez, spoke out against desecrating the heathen shrine, but Gomez's lust of gold was too strong. He had Ramierez dragged from the temple, then plucked the Golden Chicken from the altar. Lightning flashed, it's said, and the sky grew dark. A madness fell upon Gomez and his men, and they fled the temple, discarding their pillaged gold and silver as they ran screaming back to their boats. It's said all except Ramierez escaped from the accursed land, and all their gold left behind except the Golden Chicken, which was still clutched tightly in Captain Gomez's arms. After they set sail, they were never heard from again...

Yet that very same year, rumors of an unstoppable ghost ship spread across the waters. Many dismissed this tale, but others spoke of a buccaneer who was found washed ashore, foaming at the mouth and gibbering about, "El Pollo Diablo!"

In a distant land, across uncharted waters, there remains the Golden Monkey. To some it is the key to destroying the curse of that black and dreaded ship. To others, it is the key to invincibility, and indeed, immortality. All feel the call of the untold riches left behind by Cortez's men. Many have searched far and wide across the Midnight Ocean, to no avail. Now, lost charts have revealed a route to Far Eastern waters, the fabled Cobalt Ocean. Perhaps there lies the hidden altar they seek? Separately, they are adventurers, treasure-seekers, pirates and princesses, but together, they are



Philosophy: This flag is here to group people together who just like to hang out and play a cutesy online pirate-themed puzzle game together. We have one rule: No Pressure. You only have to do what you want to do, no more, no less. If all you like to do is play spades, great! If your idea of fun is to pillage nonstop and have a complete wardrobe of black clothes, also great! But criticism and putting others down will NOT be tolerated! At all.

Politics and Allies: I love allies (I think of them as flag-hearties), but I'm not a big fan of politics. If we're allied to your flag, this is what I promise: we will always accept a polite request to disengage (I encourage that anyway) and will preferentially shop at your flag's shops (after our own, of course). As for blockades, I will encourage people to job with your flag, but I can make no promises (free will is free will, after all).

Some people in my flag have zero interest in blockading, and I will not force them to join (see above). I will try to persuade as many as I can, I might even bring in a boat or two if we've got extra. I don't promise much in the way of help, but I don't expect anything more than we can offer. Mostly it just pleases me to know that I'm helping support (even if only a little bit) nice people with philosophies similar to my own.


Bringing your crew into the flag: We're always looking for fun people to join up with us! If you've read the above and agree with it, get in touch with me or any royalty. Post on our forums, so we can get to know you. Pillage with us, so we can get to know you. Don't be a barrelstopper ;-) We'll discuss it and vote. Chances are, if you have the same philosophy as we do, we'd be thrilled to have you join up!


Raiders of the Lost Arch website and forums:

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