domingo, 4 de enero de 2009


The teacher in class.


Pay attention and repeat with me.

We are argentine.
-We are argentine.

- o.k. o.k.
We are the Champions of the League.
-Champions, champions, champions!

-Todo bien. God save the Queen.
-Radio gaga…gaga gaga…

- Very well.
Faulkland islands are argentine.
South Georgia, South Orkneys, South Shetland,
Sandwich Islands are argentine.

Argentina is a land of peace.
Peace of sheet.
Don’t give a shit what they say.

We are the Champions
We are the Word.
We are God.
Maradona is the hand of God.
He betrayed Criollitas or Traviatas del padrino,
with a goal.

-Gooooooooool. Goooooooooool.

-Gol de Argentina.
cometa cósmico:
¿De qué planeta viniste?

-Gol, gol, gol.

-Sh…¿Tú por qué no te callas?
said the King.
Silence please.

-Goal, endeavor,
Goal, aim,
Goal, venture.
Goal exclaimed.
It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage.

Gol as god.

God is,
obviously, argentine.

Coppola and Scorsese are nothing but
grains of sand on the Animal planet.
Pioneers on the earth
of SONY submarines-

-We all go in a yellow submarine.

-To Google earth, hell on earth.

-ESMA -sub- marines.
Ex -change System
Manager for Windows Vista is the flag.

Hasta la Vista, baby,
It’s our card,
our stranger tag.

Pergolini is our archangel.
Raider of the Lost Arch.
Caiga quien caiga.
Our Big Brother.
Our Noah’s Arch. Monarch.
Caiga quien caiga.

NOA is argentine.
Not only NOA.
North East, the pampas
are Argentine.

Argentine is a British colonization.
Smell the cologne.
The penguins have settled on that part of the islands,
Faulkland islands are argentina.
South Georgia, South Orkneys, South Shetland,
Sandwich Islands are argentine.

Happy birthday, Mr President
América para los americanos.
Mr and Mrs Monroe, bless us.

God save the penguins.
God save the aristocracy
God save the nobility.
God save the Lord.
God save the King.

Don’t forget it.
Don’t forget it.
Don’t forget.

Don’t forget.

Lucía Folino.

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